Sex IQ Programs

Sex IQ Programs

SEX IQ offers sexuality education, sexual misconduct prevention programs, relationship coaching, and marital preparation and preservation programs. These are available to colleges, corporations and churches, and can be conducted onsite or via telecommunication. The mission of SEX IQ is empowering smarter sexuality that leads to Romantic Love. We stand for Romance!

“For Humans, Sexual Wellness is Sexual Integrity”

When it comes to sex, science shows that females are the primary decision-makers and need effective education in this area. The problem with most sex education is that it is not smart or healthy. Females in particular have a special intelligence for and know instinctively that hooking up is unhealthy. Also, they know that it is a much bigger picture than just the mechanics of intercourse, contraception, etc. Why do they feel and act the way they do sexually, and why do men feel and act differently? How are our physical and mental states of health related to our sexuality?


Science shows that sexual intelligence is sexual integrity and leads to sexual wellness.

Target Audience:

15 to 29-year-olds and all the people who love them.


Educating youth and young adults about smart and healthy sexuality.

Educational Methods:

Sex IQ will provide a cutting-edge, evidence-based, health and sexual wellness program for both sexes, with a special emphasis on the decision-making females. It will also educate through exemplary women with a constellation of different life stories and sexual experience, from women who were very sexually active in their younger years to females who have married as virgins in their 30s and everything in between. Productions such as documentaries and docuseries will join social media offerings along with printed materials as well as in-person and virtual speaking to healthfully influence youth and young adult audiences. Sex IQ’s website will compellingly prove that hooking up is unhealthy using only science, objective evidence, and women’s personal accounts.

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