Meet Our Team

Dr. Joe Malone

Joe Malone holds a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance with a minor in neuropsychology and a specialization in relational wellness. He has taught for many years at Middle Tennessee State University and guest lectured at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Malone served on the Centers for Disease Control Initiative for STD Prevention for the state of Tennessee. He has had the honor of working with young adults on their well-being for over 25 years. In his teaching, Dr. Malone has employed a background of varied life experiences which include Division I football coach and player, fitness professional, and celebrity trainer as well as professional modeling. He has personally made use of the research, insights, and experience that inspired Battles of the Sexes and has had his SEX IQ raised to improve, preserve, and protect his over-40- year marriage to his wife, Jody. Dr. Malone and Jody make their home near their children and grandchildren in Nashville, TN.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a former student and current colleague of Dr. Malone who offers fresh perspective as a young adult herself, navigating many of the battles of culture versus nature that the female gender faces during reproductive years. She offers expertise in nutrition as a Registered Dietitian with over 5 years of experience providing nutrition counseling, and shares practical and realistic diet strategies to maintain optimal physical health. Sarah resides with her husband Scott and their children in Nashville, TN.


How long have Joe and Sarah been working together? Since 2007

Where do they live? Nashville, TN

What is their marital status? They are both married.

Do they have children? Sarah has two children and Joe has two children and three grandchildren.