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We’re part of the  Romance Revolt  that will empower young women and men to unhook from hookup culture and return to chivalry, mutual love, and respect.





Battles of the Sexes

Battles of the Sexes is a newly released book which promotes a return to committed romantic love, chivalry, respect and empathy between the sexes. It makes cutting-edge relationship science fun and easy to understand.  Battles of the Sexes helps men and women understand themselves and each other better which will help to improve all relationships and create lifelong love.

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“…it didn’t take much time for the discomfort of it all to wear off and turn into excitement and positive energy.”

HELP! I Have

I-Want-Romance-but-Have-only-Learned-What-True-Love-is-From-Disney-Movies Syndrome!

Our Empowering Smarter Sexuality Program is focused on becoming informed and making good decisions for the sake of a deeper understanding of both genders, for a path forward to healthier and more fulfilling relationships, and for a better realization and relationship with oneself. Too often we use movies, books, and tv shows to define true love. Why not sleuth out the answer  yourself, with fellow peers and experts to help and guide you?

Raise Your Hand if You Need a Break from the Opposite Gender!

Face it, girls need girl time and guys need guy time. That’s why we have separate programs for both Masculinity and Femininity. This way each gender can be in an atmosphere where they can learn more about themselves and their respective gender, while also being in a safe environment to speak about and overcome issues that are unique to that gender.