Empowering Smarter Sexuality


SEX IQ takes a scientifically-based look at relationships between young adult females and males and gives them insight into how and why sex differences have developed and their profound effects on their entire lives.

It helps young men and young women understand their own sexual nature and that of the opposite sex and develop sexual empathy for them. It gives discernment into the mismatch both sexes have to endure between our rapidly changing culture and our inherited nature and the resulting battles both have to fight. Its goal is to raise SEX IQ in order to lower sexual conflict and empower long-term romantic love.

Dr. Malone examines the underlying brain chemistry and physiology as well as sociology and psychology in an attempt to help both males and females gain deep insights into the drives that fuel many of their relationship decisions. Healthy relationships are crucial to living a great life and college is the training ground for establishing your self-identity and learning what you are looking for from somebody else in relationships. This workshop is a lesson in gender communication and a boost to individual confidence.


  • Relationships

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • Understand themselves better as well as the opposite gender
  • Learn the basis of friendship, family and romantic relationships
  • To create healthier friendships, family relationships and lasting romantic relationships
  • Understand the differences between lust, love and long-term attachment

Intended Audiences:

  • Human Sexuality and Health Classes
  • Fraternaties and Sororities