About Us

About Us~

SEX IQ provides insight into the mismatch both sexes endure between our rapidly changing culture and inherited human sexual nature. The mating-related reasons behind young men’s sometimes impulsive, reckless and aggressive behavior that is often destructive to both them and others is explained.

We outline the keys to building long-term, committed, romantic relationships that are becoming more and more challenging in the 21st century. Our goal is to raise your SEX IQ to lower sexual conflict and empower happy, lifelong marriages.

What We Do:

SEX IQ: Empowering Smarter Sexuality

How We Do It:

We provide a fresh, scientifically updated look at relationships between females and males. We help men and women understand their own sexual nature, as well as that of the opposite sex and develop empathy for them.

Why We Do It:

Let’s face it: Teens and college aged-adults face some of the hardest challenges in the current culture, especially with respect to sexuality issues. We want to provide them with the best, most unbiased, and clearest information to help them make the decisions that will leave them the happiest and most fulfilled.

How We're Different

SEX IQ looks at relationships scientifically, which means the positives and negatives of relationship behaviors are weighed fairly, extensively and by using the scientific method. 

However, where many other programs focus so much on the negative findings of such experiments- think STD’s, depression, pregnancy scares, etc. – Sex IQ does this while focusing on the positives  as well. Rather than asking “how do I not get my heartbroken,” we ask the question’s better alternative, “how do I obtain the best possible relationships with myself, my family, my friends, and my significant other?”

Furthermore, Sex IQ calls for a change in all facets of your life. Even the simple act of eating can have consequences for you and your relationships. Sex IQ leaves no stone unturned in discovering how each aspect of your life can improve your overall sexuality and sense of self.