Femininity: The Real Deal on Being a Young Adult Female

Do you ever feel like you can’t take another day of dealing with school, your job, your social life and your boyfriend? Research shows that college life in America in the 21st century for women is filled with pressures coming from every direction. In response, rates of depression, self-mutilation, suicide attempts, eating disorders and substance abuse are at all-time highs.

In addition there is the pressure to take the time to exercise and eat right in an environment that makes it extremely difficult to do. You are expected to look like a supermodel and make it seem like you haven’t even had to make an effort to pull it all off.

Research also shows that young women can be empowered to be resilient against such pressures by developing a focus on long term success, getting motivated, cultivating positive self-esteem, gaining self-regulation skills and creating connections to experienced, caring mentors in their lives. Students can also be educated in a healthy holistic lifestyle that will vastly improve their wellness.

Dr. Malone explores background biology and social psychology to create a foundation for a new self-understanding. He also draws on his personal background of having over 20 years of experience working with young women as a personal trainer and health educator. Altogether this presentation can be an enlightening and even life-changing experience.
Topic: Wellness and Women’s Issues & Empowerment

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:
– Understand that the feeling of being overwhelmed by a demanding life is shared by many college – women and stress is rampant
– Learn healthy and natural ways to cope with the expectations they are facing
– Understand the importance of collaboration rather that competition and the resulting value of community
– Gain a feeling of confidence and empowerment

Intended Audiences: Sorority Advisers, Sororities