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Battles of the Sexes takes a fresh, scientifically updated look at relationships between females and males as well as the interconnected relationship of females with food. It helps men and women understand their own sexual nature and that of the opposite sex and develop sexual empathy for them. It gives insight into the mismatch both sexes have to endure between our rapidly changing culture and our inherited nature and the resulting battles both have to fight. Its goal is to raise sexual IQ in order to lower sexual conflict and empower long-term committed romance.

Key Selling Points

  1. Gives scientifically backed relationship advice to both sexes that is insightful and will help them be more effective in their relationship, dating and marital lives.
  2. For the first time reveals the relationship of sex and food to human sex differences.
  3. Gives an accessible and understandable history of the development of human sexuality.
  4. Outlines the biological methods of attraction between the sexes.
  5. Describes the mating qualities that are important to both men and women.
  6. Explains the importance and role of female choice and paternity certainty in the history of human sexuality.
  7. Helps people to understand sexual selection and how parenting affects human mating decisions.
  8. Explains how sexual selection has led to sexual conflict and what can be done to bring about sexual empathy and resolve sexual conflict.
  9. The dangers related to their sexuality that young men bring on themselves, other young men, and young women will be illuminated.
  10. The impact of creating a loving, committed, lifetime romance on themselves as individuals as well as our entire species will be showcased.

Possible Interview Questions
What are the the Battles of the Sexes?
Why can lasting relationships seem so difficult these days?
How does one raise their SEX IQ?
How does human sexual nature affect our everyday lives?
What does science say about the state of relationships in the 21st century?
How does the inherited nature of the brain effect relationships between women and men?Describe sexual conflict.
How does sexual empathy lower sexual conflict?
What are Junk Food and Junk Sex?
How do women’s menstrual cycles affect their daily lives
Describe the chemical and visual laws of attraction.
What is the Female Sexual Mystique?
What are the factors behind the battle between the sexes?
Give examples of romance wreckers for her.
Give examples of romance wreckers for him.
What Is the key to lasting romantic love?
Why are you calling for a New Sex Ed?

Speaking Information
Wellness Buddy Boot Camp 2017
The Awakening 2017
Sigma Pi University Battles of the Sexes 2017
Fitness Ed for the Adult Presentation 2017
CSKLS National Conference Presentation 2017
AOII National Women’s Health Week 2017
Future PE Teachers Boot Camp 2017
Pilates Young Women’s Wellness/Boot Camp 2017
ADPi/Kappa Delta Wellness Boot Camp 2017
Aerobics Healthy Nutrition 2017
Lebanon Rotary Healthy Relationships 2017
Sigma Pi Masculinity Workshop 2017
Health and Wellness Boot Camp 2016
Lambda Chi Healthy Relationships 2016
Panhellenic Healthy Relationships 201
Ladies for a Change Healthy Relationships 2016
Chi Omega Nutrition Presentation 2016
Sigma Pi Man to Man Training 2016
Ladies for a Change Fitness Lesson 2016
Human Sexuality Presentation 2016
Beginning Pilates Presentation 2016
Somatics Presentation 2016
Health and Wellness Presentation 2016
Advanced Pilates Class Presentation 2016
Ladies for Change Presentation 2016
Workshops in Health Ed Presentation 2016
SHAPE Eastern Fit Females Presentation 2016
Zeta Tau Alpha She’s Got This 2016
Chi Omega She’s Got This 2016
Alpha Delta Pi She’s Got This 2015
Mitchell Neilson Elementary 2015
TAHPERD Convention 2015
Alpha Delta Pi She’s Got This 2015
MTSU Female Athletes Presentation 2014
Women’s Health Presentation 2014
Women’s Fitness Club Advisor 2014
Panhellenic Council Workshop 2014
AOII Leadership Institute 2014
ADPi Presentation 2014
Women’s Fitness Club Advisor 2013
Panhellenic Presentation 2013
Alpha Chi Omega S.H.E Presentation 2013
Health Behavior and Promotion Research Group 2013
University 1010 Presentation 2012
A.H.A. Heart Walk Exercise Demonstrator 2012
Health Behavior and Promotion Research Group 2012
Women Athlete Nutrition Presentation 2012
Behavioral Medicine Ex. Programming 2012
GTA Leadership Workshop 2012
Grace Pointe Wellness Presentation 2012
AOII Leadership Conference 2012
ADPi S.H.E. Presentation 2012
Women’s Health Presentations 2011
Women’s Studies Presentations 2011
University 1010 Presentation 2011
Southeastern Panhellenic Conference 2011
Centers for Disease Control STI Prevention 2010-12
ADPi S.H.E. Presentation 2009
ShapeIQ Founder, 2008
AOII S.H.E. Presentation 2007
YMCA Aftercare Presentation 2007
RelationFit Founder 2007 Franklin, Tennessee
ForeverFit Founder 1998 Franklin, Tennessee
Fitness Professional 1995-2011, Brentwood, Tennessee

About The Authors

Joe Malone holds a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance with a minor in neuropsychology and a specialization in relational wellness. He has taught for many years at Middle Tennessee State University and guest lectured at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Malone served on the Centers for Disease Control Initiative for STD Prevention for the state of Tennessee. He has had the honor of working with young adults on their well-being for over 25 years. In his teaching, Dr. Malone has employed a background of varied life experiences which include Division I football coach and player, fitness professional, and celebrity trainer as well as professional modeling. He has personally made use of the research, insights, and experience that inspired Battles of the Sexes and has had his SEX IQ raised to improve, preserve, and protect his over-40- year marriage to his wife, Jody. Dr. Malone and Jody make their home near their children and grandchildren in Nashville, TN.

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Sarah Harris is a former student and current colleague of Dr. Malone who offers fresh perspective as a young adult herself, navigating many of the battles of culture versus nature that the female gender faces during reproductive years. She offers expertise in nutrition as a Registered Dietitian with over 5 years of experience providing nutrition counseling, and shares practical and realistic diet strategies to maintain optimal physical health. Sarah resides with her husband Scott and their children in Nashville, TN.



We love speaking to groups and helping  men and women understand their own sexual nature and that of the opposite sex and develop sexual empathy for them. We give insight into the mismatch both sexes have to endure between our rapidly changing culture and our inherited nature and the resulting battles both have to fight. Our goal is to raise sexual IQ in order to lower sexual conflict and empower long-term committed romance.

Endorsements For The Book

“Joe and Sarah have added a comprehensive look and guide to help us understand the importance of lasting love and the power of Vitamin C—our crucial life force that is Connection. By focusing on the romantic and helping unpack things that interfere with ongoing “love” relationships, Battles of the Sexes is a very useful guide to help us stay together and thrive as couples rather than just making it through.”
– John Ratey, Author of Go Wild and Spark

“We hear a lot about the ‘birds and the bees,’ but all too often, the knowledge of most people stops at the plumbing (at best), leaving out the most crucial and sexy part of the human body: between the ears. Battles of the Sexes does a wonderful job exploring this crucial part of human nature—our evolutionary inheritance with regard to sexual behavior. Read it and your SEX IQ will soar!”
– David P. Barash, Author of Out of Eden

“Dr. Joe Malone and Sarah Harris MS, RDN have compiled years of outstanding research to present an engaging text that captures the essence of human relationships and encourages the evolution of companionship through self-actualization. A must-read to improve the interactions with the world around us!”
– Amity Parker, RN, Tennessee Oncology

“Battles of the Sexes highlights important struggles that should be talked about and understood in a young adult’s life. It is truly enlightening and almost like a manual for young men and women to read and understand themselves more. As the world around us changes, so do our battles. It is vital to know how to equip yourself against the negative impacts of the 21st century. This book does just that and more.”
– Ashley Conway, Vanderbilt University Center for Research on Health Disparities

Battles of the Sexes takes the latest science of relationships and turns it into cogent advice on how to build happy and healthy long-term relationships. This useful and fun-to-read guide is great for anyone looking for a relationship or who wants to improve their current relationship.”
-Paul J. Zak, PhD, Author of The Moral Molecule and Trust Factor

“Having been coached by Dr. Joe many years ago in my late teens and early 20’s to prepare for a Stanford education and four years of collegiate football, I can absolutely attest to his ability to help prepare one’s self for the road ahead, especially in those formative years. And this was long before he began his journey of advanced education and research that led to Battles of the Sexes!

“This book helps us understand how our biochemistry has such a profound influence on our behavior and relationships, particularly in young adults. In a format that brings a complex subject to enjoyable layman’s terms, Dr. Joe explains how our human biological makeup creates sexual conflict and tension in our relationships. Understanding this dynamic between biology and behavior can promote a healthier society for generations to come by reducing destructive behaviors in both men and women. While the emphasis here may be young adults, all ages can benefit and learn from this book. I look forward to applying the knowledge obtained here to my own marriage!
– Steve Lemon, Vice President, Trading and Sales, Ross, Sinclaire & Associates

“In today’s environment, there might not be a hotter topic then sexual misconduct. Battles of the Sexes looks at the sexes in new and resourceful ways, and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at everything that we know, and things we thought we knew, to work as a guide to the background of human sexuality behavior.”
– Paul Wydra, MS, University Director of Development Initiatives

“Dr. Joe Malone draws some very powerful and fundamental points in Battles of the Sexes, insights that we should all take heed of in today’s world. As a marriage and family therapist, I know that education is paramount in the quest for more successful sexual and interpersonal relationships. And since we’re all biological beings, it would only stand to reason that fighting against our biological urges and predispositions can’t bode well for us. Battles of the Sexes is a much-needed resource that’s missing from the current narrative on human reproductive nature. Touching upon so many topics relevant to society today, such as poor nutrition, overabundance of stress, lack of sleep and our dependence on electronic communication devices, Dr. Joe Malone and Sarah Harris have started a conversation that’s not only crucial, but also required, in order for us to understand and repair our relationships with sex and with each other. This book will no doubt help to lead us all in our quest for lower sexual conflict and empowering, long-lasting relationships.”
– Dr. Isabell Springer, Marriage and Relationship Therapist, Founder of LovEd

“Finally, a book for college-aged men and women that explains the natural motives that drive relationship behavior differences between men and women that often seem “un-natural” to the opposite sex and at times even us. Battles of the Sexes has a laugh out loud effect because of it’s true scientific view of the hidden world just beneath the skin of men and women that controls the basics for the survival or our species; the complementary balance between sex-specific behaviors, sex drive, the value of relationships, and holistic health for the present and future generations.”
– Erin V.L. Smith, PhD Candidate, Founder of Imprinted Legacy

“Almost three decades ago, I met Joe Malone and quickly came to appreciate his work and expertise as a personal trainer. All these years later, I respect and appreciate even more his consistent commitment to improving the health and well-being of individuals, especially young people.”
– Carol Etherington, Past President Doctors without Borders, Associate Professor Emerita, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health

“Battles of the Sexes: Rasing Sexual IQ to Lower Sexual Conflict and Empower Lasting Love provides a unique way to examine relationships and how they relate to overall health. Backed with scientific evidence, it is a great resource for couples of any age to revamp relationships and individual well-being.”
– Lauren Davis, Operating Room Registered Nurse

“As a former student of Dr. Malone and a single male millennial I can attest that the guidance and knowledge that Dr. Malone presents is both sincere and practical. We all must face ourselves in the pursuit of love and happiness, however armed with the tools here in Battles of the Sexes, we all have a clear advantage in achieving self mastery and romantic success and longevity.”
– Austin Ellis, Music Artist, NBC’s The Voice, Season 6